About Us

Greenville Medical Associates have been offering primary healthcare since 2003. We offer primary care to all age groups at our two locations in Upstate. We provide care for our patients including chronic, acute and preventive. We highly work on preventing health problem and help you maintain a healthy life. We built a caring relationship with our patients. Patient care is our priority. All our providers, nurses and other staff members promote effective communication with patients and encourage patients to have healthy choices . We first listen to our patients concern and needs then suggest services keeping in mind quick recovery and cost effective. We ensure patients get the right care in the right environment by the provider, in a manner consistent with the patient’s desires and values.

Our Mission

  1. Provide comprehensive care to all the people we serve.
  2. We take time in analyzing cause and treatment.
  3. Encourage patients for regular wellness check up.
  4. Suggest high quality & cost effective services.
  5. Keep our Patient healthy & pain free.

Our Vision

  1. To be the best primary care facility in the upstate.
  2. Use Advanced medical Knowledge for our patients.
  3. Excellent clinical quality.
  4. Patient centered, caring services.
  5. Innovative care and treatment for all the people.